Bamberg solid Oak small dining set

SKU: vaj2004 $1,129.00
Also available in orange - red . This Dining in solid Oak with a darker cappuccino finish is perfect for small kitchen corner setup. br>
Set includes: corner bench size: 58" x 45" reversible, storage beneath booth seats, 2 solid oak wood chairs
perfect for a small kitchen setup. table size: 32" x 24" expands to 48"
includes 1 corner bench, 1 expandable table and 2 chairs
The price for this set includes S&H from Europe to our US Warehouse, Import Tax, currency exchange. We offer FREE pickup at our Florida Warehouse, otherwise S&H applies. All our items are shipped on large well packed pallet shipments for a safe delivery.
This set is currently at our Germany Warehouse and ships within 4-5 weeks with our next outgoing container shipment. We do accept 2-3 payments if needed. Delivery to your door 8-9 week from purchase Call 1(866)-254-3535 if you do have any questions

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